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  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Foil alloy - hard or soft

Anton Pazin
Head of Roll foil with heat seal lacquer
+7 920-763-88-86

Aluminium foil is used in the food industry as covers (plates) for closing product packages. Plastic cups with milk and sugar confectionery hermetically sealed with platinku on which all the data about products.

Foil found particular application in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of the blister pack. Manufactured housings shaped product, the package outline consisting of two sheets for storing pills, ointments, granules. The foil is an aluminum tape coated with one side of the thermo lacquer for bonding to the container and on the other - a primer for printing and different printing patterns. Thermovarnish applied to glossy and primer on the matte side of the foil. Brazing the foil to the plastic container at a temperature up to 200 ° C.

Available in foil in rolls 65-550 mm. The customer can arrange production of foil with the individual specifications.

Aluminium foil with thermo lacquer is highly resistant to aggressive substances is not destroyed during stamping and drawing graffiti. The three-layer structure is well withstand mechanical stress. The unique barrier properties of the foil, its hygiene products provide storage for a long period. The aluminum foil is widely used for the manufacture of combined packaging. This is based on the property of the foil bonded to the plastic that meets health standards.

Application on foil labels can be either black and white or color, which makes the production of colorful and satisfying aesthetic requirements. The material is environmentally safe, approved for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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