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Packing Factory MILK – this is the 2,800 square meters of modern production areas and office space, which employs more than 120 highly qualified specialists. The company has a complete production cycle: we prepare and coating an aluminum foil, slit into the necessary formats, provide prepress (design, manufacture of printed forms), print and cut out on punching a die cutting.

Pavel Pronin

Director of Production


The industrial complex of the enterprise consists of two workshops. In the first workshop coating a foil and prepare it to print. Modern coating line was developed by the Swiss company POLYTYPE - a world leader in the production of this class of equipment. Volume of production - 300 tons of material per month. The quality of coverage - at the level of the leading European manufacturers.

Victor Chudaykin

Head of Coating department


The second workshop includes three areas: printing, cut out on punching and a sector of the cutting and rewinding. Printing is carried out on three US machine Mark Andy, as well as equipment from Edale, and Atlas. Next, the printed foil enters the punching. There are five Czech machines Soma Bulldog, and six German machines - Medesa and Remele.

Ivan Goncharik

Head of Printing department


On area of cutting and rewinding a foil prepare to the print and produces roll packaging materials for the pharmaceutical and dairy industries. Laser marking going on here too. The area is equipped with two slitter coilers Karville.

We produce up to 200 tons of finished products in month: more than 100 million die cutting and about 100 tons of roll materials. Our production runs around the clock and seven days a week.

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