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Russian auditors verified Aluberg for the first time


Together with a major Russian pharma producer, we audited our Italian partner – a foil supplier Aluberg. At the plant near Milan, the auditors were mainly impressed by the 100% automatization of literally every foil centimeter history, as well as by a perfect state of other documentation.

Aluberg produces foil for European pharma corporations. The pharma share is 63 percent of the total production amount. To guarantee continuous production cycle, the Italian company has its own huge store for 1800 backup tons of foil. Aluberg operates according to the GMP standards. Thus, all of its departments comply with the requirements for maintaining a high standard cleanness level. Right next to technological equipment there are laboratories where machine operators perform microbiological cut swabs. Company departments were built as airlocks – the next shutters won’t go up until the previous doors are open. As far as the business process is concerned, the auditor from Russia admitted – in his long practice it is the first time he obtained a full set of requested documentation in only two minutes.

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