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Sesame paste under unembossed die cut lids

18.01.2019 The share of flexible packaging produced by our company for export increased to 25% of the total volume in 2018. If compared to the results of 2017, only 5% of our products were shipped for export.

The unembossed die cut lid was a bestseller. In 2018, we supplied both test and then industrial batches of our sealing lids to other customers from the countries of the Middle East and Africa. The Miklfood unembossed die cut lids are used on two continents to seal cups with water, hummus, puree, tahini, lecso, and of course, yogurt. Regular and new customers are attracted by the high quality of printing, the proven technology of applying foamed heat-sealed lacquer dots, certification of QMS according to ISO and BRC.

Furthermore, last year, the company marketed widely used in Europe (so-called “customized”) unembossed die cut lids with a customer logo on the back, a technology of applying a variable promotional code. We also began to work with mikspap and alupet, materials that are more resistant to puncture than foil.

In general, over the year, the company produced and shipped 30% more products than in 2017. 

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