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Germs will purify air


The Packaging Factory MILK’s coating department is getting ready for launching a new biochemical absorption unit meant for purifying exhaust air from the foil coating line. Water-dissolved contaminants - acetic anhydride esters -will serve as nutrition environment for micro-organisms. 

The technological process has two phases - purifying air and purifying absorption solution. From a localized contamination source through a duct air flows to an absorber where water traps contaminants. After wet purification, the air is released to the environment, and the water used goes to a bioreactor with specially-developed destructive strains of micro-organisms that can neutralize compounds to natural ones. After that, the purified water is passing another technological cycle. Water recirculating system helps minimize natural resource consumption. 

The equipment was engineered and manufactured by a Belarus research and production company and is highly demanded by woodworking, chemical and founding industries in Russia and the CIS countries. The unit is committed to maintain an effective air purifying system and diminish the environmental costs of production. 

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