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blister foil

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  • The printing is in the certified clean room
  • Print on matte or glossy side
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Possibility to apply color heat seal lacquer for exclusive packaging

Evgeny Patopahin
Head of Pharma foil

Blister foil has high quality and complies with all pharmaceutical standards. Milk factory products are in high demand due to several advantages:

  • We propose various printing options. Inscriptions may be not only black but also color providing production of packing for various medicines. All the materials used for production of foil and deposition of inscriptions comply with environmental safety standards.
  • Certified products feature durability providing correct storage of medicines. The foil is air- and light-tight; it guarantees complete protection of capsules and tablets from humidity. It ensures long storage of medicines without any change of their properties.
  • The foil may have matt or glossy surface that extends possibilities of packing design. Clear image, medicine’s name and required information will be deposited on it.

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