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Die-cut lids from Tula in Palestinian supermarkets 


The Packaging Factory MILK has shipped a container with Ø75 die-cut lids to a leading Jordanian-Palestinian producer of beverages and dairy. Local stores already offer cups with water sealed with our lids.

Our partnership with the Arab business started at the end of 2017. We shipped there a testing series of embossed die-cut lids. Later, the clients could see the difference between embossed and unembossed lids, and not surprisingly, they turned to our unembossed product. The new bright design that was introduced specially for the new packing was looking astonishing on it and outshone its counterparts on the market shelves. 

The Packaging Factory MILK team found it interesting to work with the new client, in particular when preparing pre-printing for the Arabic script. We are also developing optimal export options: broaden the list of brokerage services, compare the terms and delivery time provided by the Baltic and the Black Sea waterways. 

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