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From business victories to sport victories 29.01.2019
In Tula region, the hand-to-hand fighting is developed with the support of our company. Packaging factory MILK on a regular basis sponsors regional competitions held by “Magura” sport club. 
The list of Tula’s mini football teams has got a new name. During this season we sponsor our print worker Alexey Usov and his companions.
We ‘packed’ a football team 12.09.2018
Charity Instead of Souvenirs
For three years we have taken part in the “Charity Instead of Souvenirs” movement of the “Podari Zhizn” (Give Life) Fund. Part of the company’s New Year souvenir budget is transferred to the treatment of seriously ill children. Last year, 111 companies decided to refuse their presents in favor of the most important and desired gift - to help...
With the support of Factory packaging MILK is the restoration of monument of cultural heritage of federal importance - ancient temple in honor of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Leninskiy Settlement. The temple was consecrated in 1808. After the revolution he suffered the fate of most of the objects of the Orthodox cult. in the place of the hol...
Restoring the Cultural Heritage in Leninskiy Settlement - the temple in the honor of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Open districts championship on hand-to-hand fighting passed in Shchekino.
Open districts championship on hand-to-hand fighting the prizes of the first master of sports of the USSR in this discipline Y. Gritsyuk passed in Shchekino. Our company has been a sponsor of the tournament.
With the financial support of the Packaging Factory MILK, Shchekino (Tula region) held a mixed martial arts tournament ‘Russian shield’.
‘Russian shield’ under the auspices of the Packaging Factory MILK 15.06.2018
The Company’s Contribution to the Region’s Sport Promotion
More than 200 young sportsmen took part in the Open Hand-to-Hand Championship in Shchekino’s Physical Culture and Sports Center DYSSH №1 (Youth Athletic Center). As usual, the Packaging Factory MILK became the sponsor of the tournament named after the USSR’s First Master of Sports Yury Gritsuk. This time, the sports event coincided with the...
A new artificial fir tree covered with snow, glowing figures of the Father Frost and a young reindeer, lighting ball chains – the Packaging Factory MILK has contributed to the festive atmosphere in Evgeniy Volkov’s school in the Tula Barsuki settlement. The money sponsored was enough to decorate two floors in the educational establishment.
Ready for the New Year!

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