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Our Team

The Development Department - searching and attracting potential customers, promoting new types of packaging.

Oleg Gromov
The Head of Food Packaging
+7 920-763-03-00

Anton Pazin
The Head of Roll foil
+7 920-763-88-86

Evgeny Patopakhin
The Head of Pharma foil

Vladimir Serdyukov
The Head of Food Packaging Export

The Sales Department – accompanying acting customers, operational work with production requests.

Ekaterina Pafnucheva
Head of Customer Service
+7 920-763-00-02

Olga Nikulcheva
Senior Customer Service Manager

Yana Savina
Senior Customer Service Manager
+7 920-763-38-88

Nadezhda Kuznetsova
Customer Service Manager

Aynishan Azizova
Customer Service Manager

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