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The company`s quality and food safety policy

Present Upakvka LLC is one of the leaders in foin packaging production

High production rates
Development and implementation of new product types
Maintaining partnership with suppliers and customer`s
Strengthening national vendors
Constant management quality improvement
Achieve full customer satisfaction by providing quality and affordable products in the timely manner and in sufficient quantity.
The input of everyone of us is valuable. It influences the quality and safety of our products, the company reputation, and customer loyalty
Company goals for five years

Doubling the assortment compared to 01.01.2018

Boosting the supply of products by 60 percent compared to 2018

Increasing delivery speed by 30 percent compared to 2018

End of construction and launching the first batch on production areas N 2,3

Renovation and modernization of the equipment complex by 80 percent compared to 2018

Extending supply geography. Conducting supply to at least three European client

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