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24.09.2018 Investments to MPS began returning A new MPS EF 520 complex (made in the Netherlands) reaches design capacity in our printing shop. We have switched orders of the most complicated design to this eight-section machine.
12.09.2018 We ‘packed’ a football team The list of Tula’s mini football teams has got a new name. During this season we sponsor our print worker Alexey Usov and his companions.
11.09.2018 Russian auditors verified Aluberg for the first time Together with a major Russian pharma producer, we audited our Italian partner – a foil supplier Aluberg.

Why do world class companies choose our products?

Because our packing helps sell more and store longer!

Do you know how strict the today’s requirements for food and drug packing are? It only seems that the cover of a yogurt cup or a drug blister is a mere piece of foil. The fact is that these tiny pieces involve the most modern technologies and the latest scientific researches. These all serve to preserve the products’ highly attractive appearance keeping the price low and the quality standards high.

Our company is proud to be a partner of more than three hundred vendors in Russia and abroad, among which are such picky companies as Danonе, Ehrmann, Pepsico, Lactalis, Valio.

You can read about our first-hand story of becoming Russia’s number one foil packing company with one hundred million units produced monthly here:

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Geography of deliveries

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